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A Kiss from Rose| December 23rd

Are you giving out crumbs of anything and should be giving out the whole loaf? Can you do more but are only giving others the bare minimum? Are you knowingly trying to starve someone? Well, what does that say about you and your faith in God? How would you feel if the shoes were on the other foot? Wouldn't you want to eat a loaf as appose to crumbs? Wouldn't you want your full blessings and not just part of them? How is God looking at you? We all know that nothing God does is happening "to" us but "for" us. You are not in control of what you do for anyone. God is always in control. It is to expose "you" to a person of how selfish you can be? Maybe it is a test from God to see if you are going to do the right thing. Could it be that God is testing the person to see how grateful/faithful over the small things because He has something so much bigger on the other side of those "crumbs"? Just imagine you gave a half of a loaf or even your whole loaf to someone. What do you think God will think about that! Will he bless you with ten times more? Will the person who you gave it to remember what you did and bless you in ways that you couldn't imagine? Just because a person is starving today and thankful for the "crumbs" doesn't mean later on they will not own the bread factory later on in life, and could very well be feeding you.

Why do people who pray for blessings, favor, and abundance; give so little to others. They are also praying for those things. Give your all in everything that you do. Give what you would want to be given to you. No one should get joy out of watching someone struggle or starve!

I give not because I have much! I give because I know what it feels like to have someone give to me.

I remember living in the projects( a short stint, but a stint nevertheless) and my aunt coming to town to visit. It was like Christmas. Things that I needed she would bring! Things like: laundry detergent, clothes, shoes, toys for my children, furniture, or TVs' even. I can't forget the money, she would never leave without putting some money in my hand. I don't mean, 5 or 10 dollars, I mean, five or six hundred. She never gave me "crumbs". My "true blues"( my friends mentioned in my thank you message in the book Prayers and Wisdom from Grandma's House) never gave me "crumbs". So when I pack care packages for people, I don't give "crumbs". When I see others with businesses I try to support or at least refer them out. That is why I will forever remain blessed, cause in everything I do I give my all while giving God the glory and you should too!

So, don't give "crumbs" of :



Quality time







Money ( unless that is all you have it is not a crumb, let's be clear, if you only have 2.00 giving 1.00 is not a "crumb". Now if you have a million dollars and only give one, that IS a "crumb"

What have you been giving... Is it "CRUMBS"


I know I am nothing without God nor can I do anything without Him. In knowing that, I know God would never give a "crumb". My God is Big and full of abundance, not small, meek, or falling apart. So I try to give God in everything that I do! - Alston Shropshire

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