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A Kiss from Rose| December 22nd

Everyone has a uniqueness about them. No two people are alike. Not even twins, even if they are identical, it will be something one does that the other doesn't. Just as no two skylines, city or state are the same. God is awesome like that, where He can create billions of people places, and things and give them all a unique quality that they can own. Gifts or talent whatever you chose to identify it as it is all yours. Think about the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat ( December 22, 1960- August 12, 1988), he had wonderful gifts that we are still able to be amazed by to this day. Yes, there are many artists all around the world, but his art is identifiable because it is his signature style alone. When God instills something so great, as a unique gift, use it and give Him the glory! You owning your gift will give you a legacy of greatness! When you tap into what God has given you, how can you not be great? Do not worry about what others have, or how they are moving, just move by faith and not by sight. Use your God-given talent and you will go far beyond what you could ever imagine.


*I do not own the rights to this painting or video*

Phillips to Sell $12.5 M. Basquiat Painting at New Southampton Location

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