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A Kiss from Rose| December 19th

As life has changed all around us and we begin to celebrate the holidays, even if it is virtual, please take the time out to make wonderful memories. Do not sleep through the holidays. There is so much you can learn from one another through the stories that you tell. Ask questions, about the fond memories they have of growing up within the family, and tell a few of yours. The laughter and joy it brings can be helpful to someone who may be feeling depressed. Call that long lost family member and let them know that you are thinking about them. Call your favorite uncle as a child and see how they are doing and if they need anything. Leave a care package on the porch of a family member that is having a hard time, while you are feeling so blessed over the abundance of things that you have. Call your friend who doesn't have any family in the area, or may not be close to their family. Make them feel like family. Even with approximately two weeks left in the year, we don't know if this will be our last time with this opportunity. Only God knows that! So don't waste time or opportunities to walk in love. Time and memories are so very precious, you have no idea! When all you have is memories and there is no time left, seems like that is when we get the realization. Let's change the narrative this year, especially while we have time!

It is not that hard! Let's try a few things over this holiday season like:

Saying, I love you!

Saying, I miss you!

Saying, I need you!

Saying, I want you!

Saying, Please forgive me!

Saying, I forgive you!

Saying, I appreciate you!

Saying, you are family!

Saying, I'll be here for you!

Saying, Do you need anything!

Saying, Let's pray together!

Saying, Let's stay in touch!


"Most people never get that final hug, the last chance to say I love you, or goodbye. When you live your life like it is the last time you are going to see or talk to that person, you don't have to fall over the casket" - Alston Shropshire

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Unknown member
Dec 20, 2020

Amen, this is very important.


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