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A Kiss from Rose| December 13th

You are still cracked if you haven’t identified, internalized, and rectified the pains, trauma, and hurt of the past. If you are still talking about it and it still negatively impacts you, if you are still hurt you are yet instilled cracked! If you are unable to identify what is wrong with you and something is wrong with everyone around you, you too are still cracked. If you are holding in the pain and not releasing it, holding secretes, moving throughout life and have not uttered a word. Living in silence. You are CRACKED! Your foundation is cracked and a house on a cracked foundation will eventually lose its footing and fall. Now let’s be clear. Your foundation did not become cracked last year when you met so and so. Your foundation did not become cracked when you and your girlfriends fell out last week. Your foundation did become cracked when your son/ daughter went to jail or your marriage ended. Your foundation became cracked in childhood.

Your family suffers when you are cracked you are either angry, not present, distant, over, or under protective. There has to be balanced. Substance, wholeness, and mental stability. A solid foundation. How can you possibly give your all when you are cracked?

Whenever you became cracked that is what age you are. You are stuck… if you have not identified the issue, internalized and rectified the issues. Are you that little 5-year old that is mad that your dad left? Are you that 15-year-old when your mom got on drugs? Are you the 3-year old that was molested? Are you’re the 23 years old that was raped? What age are you’re stuck in? Where did your foundation first get its crack?

Think about it…. Oh, your life is so perfect? But you are still crying at night? That is why your knees are bone to the altar. How do you expect your family to survive if you won’t be transparent with yourself? How do you expect your ministry to survive if you are trying to save everyone else yet don’t know how to save yourself. You have not identified that you are hurting yourself and what is hurting you.

Getting to the root of the issues are a must identify what your problem is, Internalize it, own it, it’s ok… and repair the problem if you can, or make the choice to let it go and liveeeeeeee!!! Fill yourself with the word, pray…. Allow Jesus to fill in the cracks, so that your foundation can stand!


"Excerpt from the event Is your foundation cracked sitting on the Rock...."- Alston Shropshire

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