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A Kiss from Rose | Dad

Almost everyone is celebrating Father's Day with their father, stepfather, husband, grandfather, and so forth. Some are out eating, having cookouts, or just chilling at home. They enjoy fond memories and laughter and making new memories—however, some visit a grave, a hospital, or a nursing home. You may cover the times at the park, Christmas, birthdays, or school functions with your memory. No matter which category you fall ( the grave or out to eat), there is a celebration for the beautiful man that is part of why you are alive today.

Most people cannot remember their father changing their diapers or helping bring them home from the hospital. Most cannot remember their father wiping their tears after falling off a bike. Every father has done more things than a child can remember. I am sure you have no idea of the joy they felt or displayed when they found out they were about to become a father. Not only did your mother's life change, but your father's life also changed. Always remember you only get one.

On this day, celebrate your father! Celebrate him if he is still alive. Celebrate him if he is resting in his grave.

Here is a picture of my father, Robert.

As I celebrate his memory, I want to thank him for allowing me to be your spoiled baby girl. I just wished I had more time with you.



"I wish I had more time." -Alston Shropshire


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