A Kiss from Rose | Congrats Are In Order

Congrats to Alston Shropshire today as she virtually graduates from the University of Phoenix. Alston is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a Concentration in Family and Child Services. Let's show some love to her today. Donations are welcomed using the donation button. Comment your congrats in the comment section.

Here's the link if you wish to watch: https://goto.phoenix.edu/pub/cc?_ri_=X0Gzc2X%3DAQpglLjHJlYQGNYKOCeTXwoEnO1ppzbnNe3iC5g9AEzazdf7ubaHFzevkzfzbsTsmGtzfzf4VXtpKX%3DSRSWRRRY&_ei_=EtwaQuSw4CBah-VE1Shyh8SwXhTqY_YzEWcJwREiQmjIlZg_Ko9tftcYnoMmoKSW0CMsGdclQZ1OMnm8ggOtUWpyFk4G8DpRR7jYCHP2_kb4ui63lWxYX6ydZbWTUxQHSqyoilGLpkpAztKj9iuO.&_di_=6nnb2fcvg8mmfa70pgdq120fjjds80cukvqltq8ndbcndd7oc8o0


" I made it! However I am not done, Master's degree me please in September!" -Alston Shropshire


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