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A Kiss from Rose | Breakthrough and Fast/ Speechless Prayer

Father, thank You for waking me up.

Father, I thank You for continuously and consistently leaving me speechless.

I’m speechless regarding Your grace and mercy.

I’m speechless regarding Your favor and countless and unlimited blessings.

Father, I’m speechless regarding Your anointing that covers me.

I’m speechless regarding the birthright I have inherited from You.

I’m speechless regarding Your divine presence and protection.

Father, I’m speechless regarding the miracles and breakthroughs You have bestowed upon me.

Father, I’m speechless over the number of debts You have canceled.

I’m speechless over the ways You have made for me.

Father, I am speechless regarding Your will and purpose for my life.

I’m speechless at the steps You have ordered for me.

Father, I am speechless at how You cover my children, family, marriage, and friendships.

Thank You for leaving me speechless.

In Jesus’ name, amen.


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