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A Kiss from Rose | Breakthrough and Fast/ Hello Prayer

Father, in Your presence, I bask in amazement at how You are working in my favor.

Father, I have faith You are working for my good. I have faith that You are not done with what You started. You are covering my finances, family, children, marriage, friendships, and opportunities.

You are covering my faults, blemishes, sins, debts, and failures.

Father, I have faith in You and know You are not done with me. You said You will love me and prosper me more abundantly. You said You will fight all my battles and provide all my needs according to Your riches.

As I bask in amazement at Your favor for me, I say,

Hello peace

Hello joy

Hello happiness

Hello love

Hello worth

Hello stability

Hello elevation

Hello wholeness

Hello soundness

Hello integrity

Hello character

Hello morals

Hello respect

Hello forgiveness

Hello favor

Hello favored abundance

Hello favored opportunities

Hello deliverance

Hello restoration

Hello salvation

In Jesus’ name, amen


" You do not have to pray for you, but I am definitely praying for me." - Alston Shropshire


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