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A Kiss from Rose | Breakthrough and Fast/ God is Breaking It Prayer

Good morning Heavenly Father,

Thank You for another blessed day. Thank You for walking with and carrying me on yesterday.

Father, break the deadly curses I unknowingly and unintentionally spoke over myself throughout my lifetime. Break the deadly curses others have intentionally, unintentionally, knowingly, and unknowingly spoken over my life. Break the deadly generational curses flowing through my bloodline.

Father, stand before and cast out the principalities and dark forces with my bloodline and my name on their assignment. Shield me from their attacks. Father, do not allow me to know, see, hear, or feel their presence or attacks because You and Your angels have taken care of it all.

Father, You are breaking it, anything not of You. Father, You are breaking it, the curses, demonic spirits, and principalities.

You are breaking the unfair treatment and lack. You are breaking poverty and confusion. Father, You are breaking separation and broken marriages and families. You are breaking unforgiveness, guilt, and doubt. You are breaking worry and grief. Father, You are breaking abuse and neglect.

You are breaking unfavorable situations and circumstances. You are breaking demotions and abandonment. Father, You are breaking debt and division. You are breaking sickness and loneliness.

You are a Father that gifts favorably and abundantly. You are an anointing and healing, Father. You are a providing and shielding Father. You are a protective and loving Father. You are a multiplier and an honor of marriage.

You are the One who defeats the enemy and fights all my battles. You are a Father that sanctifies, delivers, restores, forgives, and resurrects.

Father, I believe in Your purpose for eternal happiness. Father, I have faith that You will grant me spiritual maturity. Anoint and elevate the gifts you have bestowed upon me.

I believe and have faith that You will answer all of my prayers; in Jesus' name, amen.




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