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A Kiss from Rose | Breakthrough and Fast/ Breakthrough Meaning Prayer

Good morning, Father,

Thank You for my sudden and dramatic favorable discovery, my breakthrough.

Thank You for improving my situation and solving my problems.

Thank You for breaching, shattering, and destroying the plots and plans of the enemy. Thank you for taking my name and those of my bloodline off his list. I

I thank You for the innovative ways You will advance and improve my life.

Thank You for allowing me to draw closer to You.

Thank You, Father, for my comprehension of faith and willingness to gain new perspectives in life.

Thank You, Father, for changing my strategy, story, and state of mind so I am equipped to receive these new blessings.

Father, I thank You for waiting for me to respond in obedience to what You have already commanded and promised.

Thank You, Father, that every time I call Your name, You answer.

Thank You for seeing and hearing my persistent breakthrough prayers over these months. Thank You for answering them.

Thank You, Father, that nothing coming against me shall prosper.

Because of You, Father, I am a winner, successful, wealthy, and favored

In Jesus' name, I pray, amen.


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