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A Kiss from Rose | Breakthrough and Fast/ A Prayer for the Workers

Father, O, how I praise Your precious name.

Father, I ask in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ that You cover and favor the business owners, those in leadership positions, directors, supervisors, team leads, factory workers, essential workers, administrators, those new to the job, those who have been there for years, and the customer service representatives.

Grant them a breakthrough in their lives and on the job.

Father, we understand that sometimes you have to pray for someone else.

Father, allow them the recognition and pay they deserve. Allow them to always be in stress-free environments and situations.Grant them promotions. Hide them when they need to be hidden and show them in favorable situations.

Guide them through each task. Give them clarity and full understanding of what is being asked of them, what they need to do, and what they need to require of others.

Grant them excellent communication and comprehension skills. Father, perfect their work and allow them to be professional at all times.

Take away any and all procrastination and combativeness . All them to get along with their coworkers and colleagues. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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