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A Kiss from Rose | Breakthrough and Fast / A Little Bit of This and That Prayer

Father, Thank You for being who You are in my life. Father, cancel every assignment working against me that is meant for evil and will prevent my breakthrough from happening. Father, amplify the joy and peace in my life. Send me excellent and favorable news. Forgive my sins of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Heal my family members and friends that are travailing in their bodies. Grant those friends and family miraculous favor with court cases.

Cancel our debt and give us a financial increase.

Grant a breakthrough and deliverance for those who want to stop drinking or drugs: Grant breakthroughs and salvation to anyone who desires to stop doing wrong.

Grant all caregivers support and compassion. Grant them the strength to get through another day.

Father, step into the marriages and friendships and prevent division and confusion starters from whispering anything but love, sound advice, and encouragement.

Turn around any decline in health and bring good news to those in the hospital. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.


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