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A Kiss from Rose| August 31st

For every petal that falls from the flower, there is a story. Countless memories. Beauty and transformation. When the petal falls there is a new story beginning as well. At first, the petals are telling their story from a standing position on the flower. Now the petals are telling a story of where it is resting.

Remember the wonderful stories of Jesus as he walked the earth. All of the miracles and memories we have to tell about Him. The stories didn't end. We can still tell others about the current miracles He is performing in our lives and how we can still feel His presence today. He is in a different position.

Think about this, when someone passes on, yes we have the memories of them, however, we can now talk about the angel we have gain. We can now say I feel the presence of "whomever". We can say I know "whoever" is watching over me. Now this person is traveling with you wherever you go. The position they were in previously, they couldn't go with you all of the time, you may have said no, or they just couldn't make it. Now, they are everywhere, enjoying the ride with you and smiling along the way. The petal or "angel" is in a new position as they are with you, listen close to the view that they have, and the story they are trying to tell you. They see things differently now. Still beautiful but transformed

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