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A Kiss from Rose| August 27th

Are we truly doing the things necessary for the things around us to survive? For them to grown? Are we doing these things for ourselves? What does it take for something to grow, thrive, or survive? What do you need to accomplish these things? Let's take a look at the picture for a moment. I want to point out a few things about each of these things: the plants, faucet, wooden counter, and the bottle/plant pots on the window sill. What do they need to survive, thrive, or grow?

The plants: water, sunlight, nutrients, air, and space

Faucet: regularly wipe it down, yearly remove and clean your faucet aerators, clear out mineral buildup

Wooden counter: Apply oil at least once a year, wipe up spills quickly, scrub away spills and scratches, protect from heat( act in a preventive state), use a cutting board on top of it when cutting, don't Turn to Polyurethane

Bottle/plant pot: Wipe then down to remain dust-free (will survive without this, however), don't break it

My point is everything requires something to maintain, grow, or for it to thrive.

A marriage needs something, you can't just sit there looking cute or paying bills; Effort, effective and comprehensive communication, love, time, trust and respect are some of the things that are NEEDED. A friendship/ partnership needs these things as well. Even if you work for a company these things are needed. Families need this basic foundation. In-laws need this basic foundation. Most importantly, all NEED Jesus and prayer.



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