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A Kiss from Rose| August 25th

Gratefulness. When you have prayed for your heart's desire and God answers your prayers; you feel a sense of gratefulness or gratitude. It is a must that when you pray, you go to the throne with thanksgiving, humility, and an expectation that God WILL give you what you are asking for. Stand on the word of God and His promises. I think it is also great to have a prayer circle ( a group of friends that you pray for, they pray for you and you all pray together) this is a great support system. If you can shop and eat together, you should be able to pray together. If you do not want someone close to you praying for you, you may need to rethink them being in your circle. This does not mean do not walk in love, however. When you have a circle of friends that are praying with you and for you, that also will make you grateful to God to have surrounded you with such great people.

When you receive any form of blessing, be grateful; He didn't have to bless you with it (show humility). Give thanks before and after; He didn't have to bless you with it ( go to the throne with thanksgiving). Praise His name; He didn't have to bless you with it (show gratitude).

Share your testimony of how good God is and how He has blessed you. It is not boasting, it is giving God the praise. I pray that God continues to bless you with His promises and draws you closer to Him.

Some things to be grateful for :

God's promises

The Son of God

The answered prayers

The Holy Spirit

The blood

God's faithfulness

God's unconditional love

God's Favor

God's Grace

God's Mercy

God's Protection

God's anointing

God's calling

God choosing me

What are some other things we all should be grateful for?


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