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A Kiss from Rose| August 18th

Father, from whom all blessings flow. I give thanks and praise in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ. Father, fill me with joy way deep in my heart today. Give my mind clarity on the things I do not understand. Fill my heart with love and peace. Father, deepen my relationship with You. Continuously speak to me and allow me to hear and recognize Your voice. Withhold no good thing from me. Father, I am Your child, and I am not built to break or fold. I have faith that You are with me and I trust that You will never leave me. I fear no one but You. You abide in me and will guide me to countless victories. You are the Author of my purpose, the Creator of my anointing. You have granted me the gift of the Holy Spirit. Father, I thank You. Every favored promise You have for my life, release it now. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.


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