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A Kiss from Rose| April 9th

Have you ever stood at the sink in deep thought? Are you just coming up with all kinds of questions? Well, let's hypothetically look out of this window and think while asking the Holy Spirit to guide us to the correct answers.

A Thought in One Person's Mind

Do I really have any friends while I am yelling this person is my ride or die? As I sit here and rep my friends so hard. I jump, flip, and roll through hoops to be there, whether they know it or not. Are these people really my friends? Or am I screaming friends 'til the end, and I am not even considered an associate by them? Am I walking on a one-way street, strolling down a lonely alley, while envisioning being on a crowded multi-lane highway? Am I the only one screaming? Am I the only open book in the room? I thought I was reading chapters in a book, and this whole time, I've only been looking at the cover. Do I even know them? The deep parts of them, the parts that I am giving so easily? Do I really have any friends? I am starting to realize I am not even an associate. Smiling faces aren't always smiling with you; they can be smirking in judgment at your depths and truths. Your transparency. Am I being gullible, naïve, foolish, or used? Am I not the genuine person everyone says that I am. Am I out here tap dancing, defending, and sharing my innermost secrets to people who wouldn't even stop to pray for me if I wasn't in their face to do it. Do I have any friends? Am I not even an associate?

You can worry yourself to death, wondering if you are good enough and if good-intentioned and genuine people surround you. Whether or not if people are your true friends. In the book Prayers and Wisdom from Grandma's House, Grandma talks about friendships. Until Jesus is your friend, she said something like; you don't know what a friend is. Jesus is the ultimate friend. No need to take sarcastic abuse from people who do not care. Let their ass go! There is no need to have people around that laugh at you, taunt you, and be critical of your every move. I would rather have a friend with flaws than a friend who is secretly looking their nose down on my family and me. I would rather have a friend from the projects that loves me for who I am without judgment than a friend from a prominent zip code that feels I am less than.

So, think about this, if you are focused on your friend, then you are focused on Jesus. Not your earthly friends. Jesus will take care of everything else. He will provide all of your needs.

God can do anything but fail.

The next time you are standing at the window, focus on God.

Things to think about at the window:

How good God is to you

What an awesome friend you have in Jesus

The last thing God bless you with

The next thing you want God to bless you with

The purpose God has for you

Thanking God for the genuine people around you

The blessing of health and strength

The covering of "The Blood"

How God has kept you

The abundance of favor, mercy, and grace God has granted you with

Thanking God for the Holy Spirit


"I have gotten down about friends before. I have lost some that I thought were really good. However, I know who my ultimate friend is, Jesus. So, I am always good." - Alston Shropshire



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