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A Kiss from Rose| April 15th

It is time! Time to receive your favored harvest. You have done all of the things required of you by God. There is something in the air, and it smells like rain. It is about to rain blessings all over you—no need for your umbrella. You will want to catch every drop of what belongs to you. Those countless nights of tears and being unable to go to sleep, it is over. Those days of worry and stress, that too is over. The days of emptiness are going to be gone too. It is time for overflow of favor and abundance of joy. It is time for your lineage to walk into your authority of wealth and power. Every door you walk into, favor! Every person you come across will be a blessing unto you! You will lack no good and favored thing; your harvest is here! It is time, time to receive the rewards of the Lord! Your territory has multiplied in size. Your finance has tripled. Your bills have decreased. The chains of bondage have been destroyed. The strongholds have been cast out!

God has ordered the demons and principalities to leave you! Your body is healed! Your mind is healed and focused on God! Your heart is open and ready to forgive and love! Your harvest is here! The light of God is shining on you. He is walking with you, holding your hand. God is letting everyone know He is with you. He is letting everyone know they can not touch you. God is saying to everyone; this is the beneficiary of my blessings and favor! Your harvest is here. God just co-signed for you. When God signs His name, that means what you want and need is yes and approved!

Father, thank You for waking me up today in the center of my harvest. Thank You for Your favor and order in my marriage. Thank You for my children; that is a blessing. Thank You for covering my grandchildren and family. Thank You for Your abundance of love and protection. Thank You for co-signing on my life and walking with me. Thank You for the Holy Spirit and Your Son Jesus Christ. Thank You for open and favored doors. Thank You for the people sent to be blessings and not lessons. Thank you for my elevation and abundance of favor in this harvest. Thank You for being my provider and benefactor. In Jesus' name, Amen.


Whenever I am being treated unfairly, I just pray and tell God to forgive them. They must didn't get the memo that I am the beneficiary of the "Ultimate Benefactor", God. When God gives them the memo, I say, "now let's run that back." - Alston Shropshire



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