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A Kiss from Rose an Extra Dose

When you understand that what you give to others is what you will get in return, then you will be more likely to spread love. In the last Kiss from Rose, we talked about marriages/weddings and some of the lows. If it is your day, you will want rainbows, stars, and gold dust to fly everywhere. You would feel hurt and possible bitterness towards an attack on your day. You would want each and everyone to be genuinely happy for you. Any form of disrespect, ill will can cause you to pause and the feeling of being appalled or distaste. Whether it is your day or the day of your children or grandchildren. You want it to be smooth and happy. However, when you spread negativity, selfishness, and or malicious intent, some of what you spread may spread to your or your generations that come through you. You may even face difficulties from being mean spirited.

Sometimes you need to look at things from an "if it were me positions, how I would want to be treated", not just in a marriage or wedding. Sometimes a "conversation moment" can clear up any misunderstandings. There is no need to spread withering to another just because we are inside. Spread love, and have conversations. Everyone just wants to be happy at the end of the day. Everyone!


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