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A Kiss from Rose| A Mother's Prayer

Lord, only You know how a mother feels about her child. Only You can wipe the tears from her eyes with all understanding. Lord, only You know and understand how hard it is to carry someone from the womb to your arms until you can no longer carry them because they can walk independently. Father, You know a mother will carry even her adult child to the ends of the earth. Nevertheless, Lord, I thank You for carrying the both of us along the way. Lord, as I have tears running down my face and am on bended knee, I petition You, the "ultimate parent" of them all. I am asking You for divine protection and covering over my child today. The child You gifted me. Lord, I ask You for perfect healing of his body. I ask You to pay special attention to his knees.

Lord, I ask You to walk through the hospital and shift the atmosphere. Bring peace and love over the building. Grant my child preferential treatment on this day. Allow everyone that he comes into contact with to be sent by You. Touch the hands and soul of the doctors, nurses, administrators, CNAs, environmental specialists, and staff. Lord, as I am absent from his bedside, I ask that You be present. Be with him during his recovery. Lord, cover his wife and children. Keep them faith-filled in Your healing, favor, love, and protection. Lord, bring him out of this better than he went in. Lord, we trust and believe You will do it, in Jesus's name, Amen.


"No matter if a child is 60 years old, the picture in a mother's mind is of her holding her baby. You must respect what she did, something no one else did, something God gifted her with, and that's to carry and birth them." -Alston Shropshire



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